Customising your Package

Does reaching the level of “bespoke packaging” for your brand always been on your wish list? It’s time to bite the bullet and place the orders. We’ve got your back! 

With more brands transitioning to the online platform, there is serious competition. Indeed, many brands have not given much importance to brand marketing during the pandemic. However, those that are serious about their brand have not been sleeping. 

Among the most critical aspect of brand awareness is custom box packaging. No customer wants to receive his or her products in a substandard box or, worse – brown paper. Customers are spoilt for choice in today’s world. So they have become picky and even fickle. Only those brands that show that they care for the customers’ overall experience can be in the race. 

A powerful packing is not only important for online retailers. It is equally important for any business that sells a physical product. Up to 62% of shoppers say they buy products with eye-catching packaging. This happens even when they have no idea about that is inside the box.

When it comes to brand marketing, every little detail adds up. According to statistics, more than 70% of consumers feel that packaging design helps them form a brand impression. Similarly, up to 63% of consumers say that packaging and the brand are equally important.  

These figures reflect how critical it is to have a personalized packaging. Not yet convinced? Here is how custom packaging boxes can help your brand. 

  1. It spreads awareness about your brand.

Consider the ubiquitous packaging from Amazon. The logo and the brand name is splattered all over the packaging. Even the tapes have the company’s logo. Naturally, it piques the interest of anyone who sees the packaging. Similarly, when you have your brand name or a logo on the packaging, it generates interest everywhere it goes.  

  1. It influences a consumer’s buying decision. 

As soon as your custom packaging interests the client, it leads to another important decision. And that is their buying decision. The placement of your brand’s logo, the fonts, and the overall design of the packaging – all these factors contribute to influencing clients’ buying decisions. And selling products and generating income is the ultimate goal of every brand. 

  1. Ensures safe shipping.

This may sound surprising. But custom box packaging increases the safe delivery of the products. Every box is tailor-made for a particular product. So there are fewer chances of damaging or breaking the product. 

How do you get your packing boxes customized?

Getting a personalized packing box can sound very complicated. It is especially true if you are just starting your business. This can include everything from placing orders and working on getting the best boxes for your brand to the delivery. The entire process can seem all too much. It can get particularly trying if you get into the wrong company.

However, the reality is that it is quite straightforward. In general, placing orders for customized packaging involves the following steps:

  • You get in touch with a company.
  • Select your choice of the box from the different ones in their inventory.
  • Next, you upload/ forward your brand’s logo and the desired font to the box’s creators.  
  • After you get a sample approved, you place the order for the boxes. 

Bear in mind that the steps involved vary significantly from one company to the other. 

Why are custom packaging boxes important?

Packaging boxes are typically discarded after the products are delivered. So then, what is all the fuss about customizing packaging boxes? Good question! 

  1. Customers’ experience.

Consider the many successful brands on the market. They have something in common. All of the brands deliver their products in unique and special packaging. This shows that the brands care and respect their customers’ overall experience. Because unboxing a product involves more than a visual experience. 

Imagine that you pay a premium price for a garment or footwear, only to have it arrive in cheap packaging. This can be very disappointing for the buyer. Therefore, a premium or a handmade item deserves a bespoke packaging. Similarly, an eco-friendly product deserves its eco-friendly packaging. 

  1. Cost-efficiency.

Another fantastic thing about custom box packaging is cost-efficiency. Because the boxes are designed and specially made for every product, you do not pay the extra dollar. Generic packaging boxes do not have a perfect fit, so brands pay extra for the box. Moreover, the extra cost comes in bubble wraps and other padding to secure the product. With a custom packing, you eliminate these extra costs. 

What makes Packaging Boxes Custom unique?

At Packaging Boxes Custom, we understand your concerns perfectly. Therefore, we make every effort to help you get the best packaging boxes with minimal hurdles—the reasons you should consider working together with us include:

  1. Wide range of boxes.

When it comes to products, no two products have the same size or dimension. We have a great selection of packaging boxes in our inventory. You can choose from different sizes and shapes according to your products. Of course, you also get to customize the boxes and make them uniquely your own. 

  1. Variable budgets.

One of the most critical characteristics of custom packaging is affordability. If you are a new brand, it is impossible to allot a separate budget for personalized packaging. Keeping this in mind, we have boxes with different budgets. So whether you want a premium packaging or looking for mid-range packaging boxes, we have you covered. When you come to Packaging Boxes Custom, you do not have to compromise the quality of your packaging or your budget. 

  1. Sustainability.

It is no secret that customers give a lot of precedence to brands that practice sustainability. There is an increasing competition among brand owners to reduce carbon footprint. But eco-friendly products, in general, do not come cheap. This has deterred a lot of brand owners as well as buyers. 

With these factors in mind, we cater to brand owners who care about sustainability in their packaging. We help brands realize their eco-friendly dreams. Additionally, we are also committed to keeping our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. 

Contact us today and get a quote. Start shipping your products to your clients with custom packaging!