Custom Packaging in Sands Point, New York

custom packaging nyc

If you’re looking to have some custom packaging done for your products in Sands Point, New York, you’ll want to make sure you choose a company that offers affordable rates and a great experience. You’ll also want to know that your products are safe and secure.

Mylar bags make it easier for customers to see the actual contents of the package

Mylar bags are designed to provide a barrier against oxygen, moisture, oils, and other elements. This makes them perfect for storing dry food items.

They are also easy to use. The three-sided sealing keeps the bag airtight.

There are a variety of materials from packaging companies nyc used to make Mylar bags. One common material is biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (boPET), a polyester film that is stretched. It is known for its gas barrier properties, chemical stability, transparency, and high tensile strength.

Another popular material is aluminum, which is sprayed onto the surface of the Mylar film. Both materials have excellent barrier performance and resist odors and acids.

Oxygen absorbers are also an option. These small silica-gel packets help keep your food fresh and reduce the amount of oxygen that gets trapped inside the bag.