What Are the Popular Packaging Methods in Montclair, NY?

Packaging in Montclair, NY is more than a container for your products; it serves as an invaluable marketing tool that keeps them safe during transport, keeps it fresh during storage or shipping and allows brands to share a story about them. Packaging methods vary significantly and in this article, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly used ones and how you can select one best suited to your products.

Primary Packaging

Packaging’s primary function is to protect its contents from external forces like heat, cold, moisture and rust. Furthermore, lightweight and easy shipping packaging reduces shipping costs as well as production waste, helping extend shelf life of products.

Paper Packaging

Paper is one of the most economical, lightweight, and recyclable forms of packaging available today, helping reduce waste and pollution. Paperboard (made of bleached and refined chemically pulped fibers) is also often used as packaging – ideal for items requiring greater strength like glass bottles.

Plastic packaging is an adaptable material, that can be either flexible or rigid, which makes it suitable for a range of uses. Most commonly it’s found used as bags, wrappers, labels, boxes or cushioning inside other forms of packaging to keep products together or cushion any potential drop-off. Plastics come in all sorts of colors thicknesses and opacities making plastic an excellent option to protect products in transit.

Cylindrical Packaging

Bottles and jars are popular forms of cylindrical packaging. They’re commonly used to hold liquids, condiments, soaps and other household and beauty products like soap. Made of glass, aluminum or plastic materials they can even be decorated to improve consumer purchase decisions.

Triangle packaging is an increasingly popular solution for smaller products like jewelry and cosmetics, made of cardboard or plastic and available in various sizes and styles – some feature windows while others come equipped with latch and locks for added security.

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Decorating Outer Packaging

This step in packaging can be the most creative and rewarding! For example, cat toys could come in packages printed to look like cottages or castles complete with drawbridges and drawbridges for customers’ pets to play under! Or for kids’ products it could include designs that allow customers to cut and fold them into gliders or dollhouses for easy playtime! Creative packaging stands out among competitors, and will attract customers and promote your brand at the same time!