4 Packaging News in 15 August 2022

packaging news in august 2022

If you’re interested in the latest in packaging, then you’ll want to read up on the latest news in this issue. Claire Sand of the IFT and Packaging Digest write about the upcoming trends in film and paper recycling. They also look at Dazpack Flexible Packaging’s recent moves in the Midwest. Other articles this month include Plastics World’s story on biodegradable biopolymer nanocomposite and NorthEast Now’s story on a compostable paper pouch.

Demand for flexible green packaging set to increase from $223.3 billion in 2021 to $317.6 billion in 2027

In terms of global demand, the flexible green packaging market is primarily centered in the U.S., followed by Europe, China, India, and South Korea. These countries have excellent recycling regulations, and countries in Europe such as France and Germany have adopted policies such as Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPRs) to manage post-consumer materials. Meanwhile, Asia-Pacific has the fastest growth rate, accounting for nearly two-fifths of the global market in 2021.

While the flexible packaging market is growing globally, some challenges still remain. The impact of strict government regulations and the temporary ban on raw materials are limiting growth, but the market is expected to recover. This market will also increase with the expansion of the food retail industry and the launch of new products in emerging markets.

Growing environmental concerns and consumer awareness of the environmental impact of packaging are major driving forces for the global sustainable packaging market. The emergence of eco-friendly packaging is also boosting the demand for sustainable packaging.

Challenges of real-time authentication in packaging

Real-time authentication can help prevent counterfeiting and product theft. It can also improve traceability and visibility. It can also help businesses meet regulations and health care reforms. However, implementing such a system on a mass scale can be challenging. Manufacturers are still grappling with how to implement such a system across the supply chain, including downstream platforms and trading partners.

Smart packaging requires two key pieces of hardware: the product itself and the devices that read it. The first requires a remote-reading chip. The second piece is a device in the consumer’s home that can read the chip. A Samsung smart fridge, for example, does not have a reader built in.

New sustainable packaging options

Walmart has been working with other companies to develop more sustainable packaging options, and in April it launched the “Circular Connector,” a global resource for companies looking to implement new sustainable packaging options. The goal of the project is to reduce waste by bringing new ideas from innovators together with companies that need them.

The company’s efforts include the development of new technologies that reduce the basis weight of polyolefin sealing films. These innovations can result in significant savings on raw materials. The company is presenting a new line of sustainable packaging options at FachPack 2022, including a line of recyclable product families, such as the EcoPeelCover closure.

Another innovation in sustainable packaging comes in the form of bioplastics. These are made from renewable sources, but the impact on the environment varies. Other sustainable packaging options include compostable packing peanuts and mailers. As these innovations become more widespread, more sustainable packaging solutions will continue to emerge.

Future of flexible packaging

The Flexible packaging market is a fast-growing and dynamic industry. It is evolving and consumers are demanding more from packaged products in terms of convenience, sustainability and value. New flexible packaging technologies are gaining popularity as these solutions save space and money and ensure that food and beverages remain safe and fresh. The 14th International Conference on Multilayer Flexible Packaging (VAFPS2022) will feature the latest innovations in flexible packaging, as well as a panel of industry experts.

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Increasing concerns about single-use plastics, food waste, and recycling are driving the need for new and innovative packaging solutions. Labelexpo Americas, the leading event of its kind in the Americas, will be the premier event in the region to bring together the entire packaging and label printing industry. It will also bring together brands and suppliers of related industries for discussion and collaboration.

Labelexpo Americas 2022 will present hundreds of live demonstrations, highlighting the latest innovations in flexible packaging. The show will also feature a free webinar for FPA members.